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    Negotiation Facilitation

    Regulations on Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration stipulate that the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) may resolve disputes through arbitration, mediation, negotiation & facilitation, expert review, and other means.

    In 2016, SCIA summarized experience of how it has successfully settled a large number of land-related real estate disputes for over three decades and established the "SCIA Negotiation & Facilitation Centre" (hereinafter referred to as the "Negotiation & Facilitation Centre").

    Negotiation refers to the interaction between two or more parties. Broadly speaking, all types of negotiations, bargaining, discussions, consultations, etc. can be regarded as an interaction. During negotiation & facilitation, experienced experts shall be appointed according to the actual needs to preside over the negotiation & facilitation process. Negotiation experts, as a neutral third party unrelated to stakeholders, play a variety of roles in the negotiation to achieve win-win outcome to the maximum extent.

    This innovative negotiation & facilitation has received a lot of attention from all industries and professions at home and abroad. Global Arbitration Review (GAR), a famous international arbitration magazine, has published a special report titled "Negotiation & Facilitation Rules Born in Shenzhen, China".

    Disputes or negotiation cases that can be accepted by the Negotiation & Facilitation Centre cover, including but are not limited to, disputes or negotiations related to renovation activities such as urban renewal, shantytown renovation, corporate governance, debt restructuring, intellectual property rights, international investment, international trade, etc. The Negotiation & Facilitation Centre employs outstanding experts of the industry to form a panel of experts; formulates negotiation & facilitation rules; assists participants in the negotiation as a neutral, independent, and authoritative third party through negotiation & facilitation; and helps participants achieve better outcomes as soon as possible through professional and efficient negotiation & facilitation. Furthermore, in order to make the negotiation outcomes enforceable, the parties are encouraged to submit the outcomes to SCIA for an arbitral award.