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    China International Arbitration Institute


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    China International Arbitration Institute

    The China International Arbitration Institute was jointly established by the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and the Peking University Law School in December 2016 with the aim to integrate both domestic and foreign high-quality theoretical and practical resources, jointly promote the interaction of theoretical research and the practice of international arbitration, and actively enhance the overall level of international arbitration in China.

    The Institute is dedicated to the following tasks:

    1. Strengthening research concerned with the legal system of international arbitration and the latest trends in the field of international arbitration as well as provide suggestions for decision-making bodies in order to enhance the self-protection abilities of the Chinese governments at all levels and the enterprises that are "going global" in international arbitration and confrontation. This is also done to promote China's strategy of "going global and pulling back" in international arbitration.

    2. Cultivating arbitration practitioners to have an international vision and to be familiar with international arbitration rules, in order to enhance the internationalization of arbitration in China and enhance the ability of the countries providing arbitration services to fully open up and develop their strategies;

    3. Promoting exchanges and cooperations with international arbitration organizations and overseas arbitration institutions as well as actively participating in the formulation of international arbitration rules, international mediation, and international commercial laws and rules in order to improve China's international recognition, voice, and influence in arbitration.

    The Institute is also responsible for compiling a serial professional publication. The China International Arbitration Review is sponsored by the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration and the Peking University Law School in order to study the difficult and crucial hot issues in arbitration from a global perspective, promote the innovation and implementation of arbitration in China, and promote the development and improvement of international arbitration.