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    In accordance with the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration Ordinance, and the decision of the SCIA Council, SCIA issued this announcement on the selection of panel arbitrators for a new term.

    I. Qualification Requirements

    Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the Arbitration Law of the People’s Republic of China and Article 21 of the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration Ordinance.

    Preference is given to applicants who:

    1. Possess extensive experience in adjudicating or representing international or domestic commercial cases;

    2. Are experienced with resolving investment disputes between host governments and foreign investors;

    3. Have conducted significant research or possess extensive practical experience in such areas as arbitration, mediation, negotiation facilitation and expert review;

    4. Possess a certain degree of renown in the financial and capital markets, high-tech and intellectual property rights, maritime law, construction engineering and other related areas;

    5. Are knowledgeable about the Hong Kong or Macao legal systems;

    6. Have experience with applying the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules;

    7. Are capable of conducting arbitration or mediation procedures in Cantonese or a foreign language;

    8. Possess extensive experience with the cross-border recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards; and

    9. Are from an overseas jurisdiction and have adequate power of representation in that jurisdiction.

    II. Selection and Appointment Process
    (1) Online Application
    All applicants inside and outside the Chinese mainland, including the arbitrators on the current SCIA Panel of Arbitrators and SCIA List of Arbitrators for Specific Types of Cases, should apply by filling out the online application form (https://arbitrators.scia.com.cn/apply) or filling out the application form (see the attachment below) and sending it by email (secretariat@scia.com.cn )before 24:00 on 15 November 2021, Beijing time.
    (2) Training
    For qualified applicants from mainland China, SCIA will arrange training; those who pass the assessment will become arbitrator candidates. Arbitrators who are on the current SCIA Panel of Arbitrators or SCIA List of Arbitrators for Specific Types of Cases and who have attended SCIA’s arbitrators assessment held in April 2021 will automatically become candidates, for whom the training will be optional. Arrangements for the training will be announced separately.
    Applicants from the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, the Taiwan region, and foreign countries must be approved by the Arbitrators Qualification and Ethics Examination Committee of SCIA Council to become arbitrator candidates.
    The right to determine the selection of candidates is rested with the SCIA Council.
    (3) Council Approval
    The Arbitrators Qualification and Ethics Examination Committee of SCIA Council will create a list of candidates based on their training and assessment results and the performance of current arbitrators during their term of appointment. The list will be submitted to the SCIA Council for approval to form the final arbitrator panels.
    Tel.: Mr. Chen (+86755-83509945), Mr. Guo (+86755-83501865)