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    SCIA Achieves Nearly 90% Mediation Success Rate in International Trade Disputes at the 135th Canton Fair

    SCIA Achieves Nearly 90% Mediation Success Rate in International Trade Disputes at the 135th Canton Fair

    On May 5th, the offline exhibition of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the "Canton Fair") concluded in Guangzhou, while the online platform continues to operate as a regular service. As of May 4th, a total of 246,000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions participated in the offline exhibition, a 24.5% increase compared to the previous session, of which 160,000 were buyers from countries participating in the "Belt and Road" initiative, marking a 25.1% increase.

    At this Canton Fair, the South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (also known as Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, abbreviated as "SCIA") organized mediation experts to handle complaints and disputes through an "offline + online" and "mediation + arbitration" approach. The parties involved in the mediation cases came from the Hong Kong SAR of China, Indonesia, France, Iran, Colombia, Afghanistan, Panama, Azerbaijan, the United States, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco, Ecuador, Costa Rica and other countries and regions, with about 80% of the parties coming from "Belt and Road" countries and regions. The mediation success rate was close to 90%. Here are some shared cases:

    Case One: Offline and Online, Integrity Throughout the World

    This case was mediated through an "offline + online" approach. A dispute arose between a buyer from Indonesia and a Chinese exhibitor over the issue of non-delivery of goods as agreed. The buyer sought a refund for the undelivered goods, but the seller did not participate in this session of the Canton Fair, making communication difficult. Through the patient persuasion of SCIA mediation experts Wu Xiaohui, Wang Weidong, Chen Jiazhuo, and Liu Ling, the parties used the online platform for mediation. After nearly a week of mediation, the seller eventually paid the buyer for the undelivered goods. The Indonesian buyer stated, "Thank you to the mediation experts and staff at the complaint mediation station for helping us. We are not local, so we are not very familiar with this place." The Chinese exhibitor expressed, "Thank you all for your hard work. As long as the accounts are clear, it is a matter of minutes to settle and be refreshing. Integrity wins the world. Gratitude is offered."

    Case Two: Handshakes and Reconciliation, A Promising Future

    This case involved a dispute between a buyer from the Hong Kong SAR of China and a Chinese mainland exhibitor over the price and quality of goods. SCIA mediation experts Ma Qie, Chen Weisheng, and Tang Haosen listened carefully to both parties' demands, quickly sorted out the facts and summarized the key issues of the dispute. They efficiently used telephone contact and real-time WeChat voice communication to actively provide various feasible solutions for both parties, ultimately facilitating the parties to reach a reconciliation agreement. The parties can be said to have "gotten to know each other through the dispute" as the mediation not only resolved the dispute but also led to intentions for future cooperation.

    Case Three: Fair and Efficient, Alleviating Corporate Worries

    This case involved a dispute between a Chinese exhibitor and an American buyer over unpaid goods. The mediation experts from the SCIA, Ling Weiqi, Chen Liang, and Chen Linyu, promptly stabilized the emotions of both parties. They meticulously revised the content of the settlement agreement in response to the dispute. Ultimately, the parties reached a settlement agreement and agreed to submit any disputes arising from the agreement to SCIA for arbitration. Following the successful mediation, to express his gratitude, the exhibitor presented a banner to the Canton Fair Complaint Reception Station and SCIA mediation experts that read "Fair and Efficient, Alleviating Corporate Concerns."

    Mediation experts of the SCIAmediated on-site during this year's Canton Fair