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    SCIA Joins Hands with the Canton Fair to Harmoniously Resolve International Trade Disputes

    SCIA Joins Hands with the Canton Fair to Harmoniously Resolve International Trade Disputes

    On April 15, 2024, the 135th Canton Fair commenced as scheduled. By April 19, the first phase of the offline exhibition of the Canton Fair attracted 125,440 overseas buyers from 212 countries and regions around the globe, marking a 23.20% increase in the number of attendees compared to the same period of the previous session.

    Since the 102nd Canton Fair in October 2007, under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, the South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (also known as Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, abbreviated as "SCIA") has established an innovative mechanism with the China Foreign Trade Centre that combines "mediation + arbitration + self-regulation of exhibitions," a Chinese characteristic approach to resolving international trade and intellectual property disputes harmoniously. Now in its 18th year, this collaboration continues to thrive. Additionally, as the sole international arbitration institution designated by the Ministry of Commerce to implement the"China Import and Export Fair Trade Dispute Prevention and Resolution Measures" SCIA, in conjunction with the China Foreign Trade Centre, has formulated the"Canton Fair Export Exhibition Product Quality and Trade Dispute Complaint Monitoring Measures". These measures provide a professional, efficient, and clear path to resolving international trade disputes, ensuring their effective settlement at the Canton Fair.

    In 2007, SCIA First Entered the Canton Fair to Assist in Resolving International Trade Disputes

    SCIA has been offering harmonious, efficient, fast, and low-cost dispute resolution services to global exhibitors and buyers through a combination of "offline + online" and "mediation + arbitration" at the Intellectual Property and Trade Dispute Complaints Reception Station of the Canton Fair. To date, SCIA has assisted the Canton Fair in handling over 1,400 international trade disputes, with mediation cases spanning 120 countries and regions. Moreover, SCIA has worked alongside the Canton Fair to introduce several sample contracts, including international sales contracts, to standardize transaction behaviors and assist companies in enhancing their awareness of trade risk prevention.

    During the first phase of the 135th Canton Fair, SCIA's mediation experts, leveraging the on-site "mediation + arbitration" approach and an online mediation platform, accepted a total of 16 cases. The parties involved hailed from countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Monaco, Indonesia, France, Colombia, Afghanistan, Panama, Azerbaijan, and the United States, with a mediation success rate exceeding 60%. This has ensured the smooth progress of international trade transactions at the Canton Fair and has helped the "Golden Signboard" shine with a new charm of the era

    SCIA Mediation Experts Conduct Mediation at the 135th Canton Fair