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    Members of the Second Council of the SCIA

    Statutory Body Governance

    Governance mechanism

    Members of the Second Council of the SCIA

    Mr. SHEN Sibao SCIA Chairman, Chairman of China International Economic and Trade Law Association
    Mr. Anthony NEOH SCIA Vice Chairman, QC, SC, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission
    Mr. LIU Xiaochun SCIA Vice Chairman & SCIA President
    Ms. GUO Xiaohui SCIA Council Member, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
    Mr. HU Jiannong SCIA Council Member, Deputy Secretary of Committee of Political and Legal Affairs of Shenzhen Municipality
    Mr. HUANG Yaying SCIA Council Member, Professor & Dean of Shenzhen University Intellectual Property School
    Mr. JIANG Xilin SCIA Council Member, Director of Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
    Ms. Elsie LEUNG SCIA Council Member, former Deputy Director of the Hong Kong SAR Basic Law Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (2006-2018), the first Secretary of Justice of the Hong Kong SAR Government
    Mr. LIU Chunhua SCIA Council Member, head of the Legal Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Mr. Kwai Huen WONG SCIA Council Member, Chairman of the Arbitration Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong and the Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
    Mr. Rimsky YUEN SCIA Council Member, Senior Counsel in Hong Kong, former Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong Department of Justice
    Ms. ZHAO Hong SCIA Council Member, Chair of WTO Appellate Body
    Mr. Peter MALANCZUK SCIA Council Member, Professor of the Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong